For many families moving to a new city is stressful and difficult and they take many items into consideration.  Unfortunately, sports are often overlooked but they are a highly motivating factor.  In many households sports are a big deal.

hoodpoints.comYou look forward to the big games on TV all year, you run around attending events for your children’s teams, and often you’re on teams yourself to have a good time with other adults and relieve stress.  This site was created to help those that value sports.

Knowing what is available in the cities you are considering can make a world of difference to those that consider sports a vital part of living.  We hope that our list will help you find the city that is perfect for you and your family.


The 5 newest HoodPoints reviews:

New York

New York – Find out which New York, NY neighborhood has you covered for sports.


Los Angeles – Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey.  This California city gets a 4/5.


Seattle – Looking to get your outdoor sport on?  Seattle is where it’s at.


Pittsburgh – It’s not the best city on our list, but it’s the best city in PA for sports.  Find out which neighborhood gets the points.


Houston – Everything’s bigger in Texas–especially sports!


Nashville – Nashville is a beautiful city, but is it the right destination for your sports-loving family?


What Are Hood Points?

Hood Points are points assigned to neighborhoods that undergo an extensive review by our team.  Hood Points tell you what the best cities are to live in, if your family loves playing and watching sports.

How Are Hood Points Calculated?

We use a proprietary algorithm to assign a score to a given neighborhood based on a variety of factors, including:

    • - Professional Sports Teams
    • - Access to Organized Sports Leagues
    • - Diversity of Sports Offered
    • - Much more.

If you’re planning on moving to another city, use our free guides to help you find the perfect city for you, the sports fan, the soccer mom/dad.

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